A Society That Doesn't Support Breastfeeding Mothers

We live in a society that is very unsupported of breastfeeding mothers. However, when that comes from within our inner circle, as is family members and friends it can be devastating for a woman. Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences a woman will have in her lifetime. But it can be challenging at times, tiring, time consuming, and yes; women we don't feel very sexy, even have the time to take a shower some days and the baby takes all of our time and attention. But what people seem to forget, is that Breastfeeding is something "temporal" not a lifetime job or task. It is THE BEST thing we women can do for our babies and ourselves, it has innumerable benefits for both Mom and Baby, and the long term benefits from doing it will be very noticeable. Specially when your baby grows up having a strong immune system, and won't get sick as often as most other non breastfeeding babies do.

So PLEASE support breastfeeding mothers. And if you are a breastfeeding mother and don't feel very supported by your peers, join breastfeeding support groups, forums, or pages where many other mothers like you are. In these social media circles, you will find the extra support you need, you can talk to other women in your same situation and also there are many professional willing to help you and offer you their advice, and as in my case; talk to your husband or peers if I have too! ;-)

Please support breastfeeding mothers! and for all of you mommies out there, know that you are NOT alone and that there are MANY people very proud of you for what you are doing. Breastfeeding will always be the BEST for Mom and Baby;-)

support breastfeeding mothers