Questions About Sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers Answered

Dear Friends,


There are some frequent questions I’m asked often so I decided to create this article to respond to them and explain in detail the difference between Sacred Tea and other products on the market.


For how long should you drink the tea and what is the difference between “Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers” and other products on the market. I considered placing the responses on the FAQ page; instead, I decided to create an article so I can give you information that is more detailed.

I receive many emails and phone calls about this. Included are a couple of emails I choose to include in this article.

Email & Question #1 regarding for how long a woman can drink Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers.

Hi Ana

Question for you regarding the nursing tea.  I ordered 3 packages from you in January and have been drinking it religiously and following your other suggestions about maintaining good breastfeeding.  With my first child, I used the prescribed drug donperidome and did not have the same GREAT results I have been having this time around with the tea.  My question is regarding the tea itself.  Initially my understanding was that the tea was suppose to be used to give yourself a boost in supply and then you could back off on the tea.  Currently, I still drink a couple of cups a day. Because this seems to be working well, I would like to continue drinking the tea as often as I do.  However, I just want to make sure it is okay to do so or whether you recommend that I back off on the tea and see if my supply can be maintained without drinking it as often.  Please advice.

Tania N.


Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers is a dietary supplement taken in the form of an herbal tea that can help mothers that are looking to increase their milk production, in two ways.

* One - For those who are experiencing low milk supply, and want to increase breast milk, and 

* Two - for those who work full or part time and cannot nurse the baby on demand any more. In this last case, the formula not only will help you to increase your milk supply, but will be helpful in making sure that at least you won't decrease completely, keeping enough for the baby to breastfeed, the few times a day, you can nurse him.

 Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers is so powerful, that many women only need to take it for a few weeks, even just a few days. However, many mothers continue drinking the tea, even when the milk supply is not an issue any longer, because of its many health benefits.

I want to remind you, that Sacred Tea for Nursing mothers, have specific ingredients  that not only successfully help mothers to increase their milk supply within days, but can as well  protect both, mom and baby’s digestive systems from common stomach upset, indigestion, constipation and gas. Besides, it has a great taste and have been proven to be safe for Mom and Baby, by hundreds of satisfied breastfeeding mothers!.

So yes, you can prolong drinking the tea. Many women drink the tea after they reach satisfactory results, because it is many other wonderful health and nutritional properties. I have clients that drink the tea for as long as they do breastfeed their precious babies!

If you initially purchased the tea with the goal of increasing your breast milk supply, once you reach satisfactory results, you can stop drinking it; or you can continue drinking Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers for as long as you choose to nurse your baby. The decision is yours, but if it feels good and does works for you, why not?

Email & question #2 regarding what is the difference between “Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers” and other similar products on the market? What about taking just fenugreek capsules? What about prescription drugs?


My name is Lisa and I have a 3 1/2 week old. At our first appt for our daughter I was told she had lost 8% of her body weight and I was not producing enough milk. I began taking 9 Fenugreek a day and have a prescription for Reglan that stops on Thursday. I ran across your site and was wondering if it was necessary to order your tea if I am taking so much Fenugreek. I am sure you get this question often but could not find the answer on your website. She seems to be doing well now but I will be going back to work. I BF her exclusively and pump at night since she sleeps very well then and get a ounce to 2 ounces after feeding her 10 minutes on either side. Let me know your thoughts when and if you have a moment. I would appreciate it, thank you!



Fenugreek is a wonderful herb that yes, it truly can help a woman trying to increase breast milk production. However, and this is my personal opinion fenugreek capsules, have been highly processed before getting into your hands and have lost some of its qualities and nutritional value. There are many studies, and this is what I believe, that reveal that the best way to benefit, from dietary supplements to support our body and improve our general health, are in its natural form. Like raw foods, plants, seeds and herbs. If they are, 100% certified organic even better!

When you prepare yourself a tea using fresh herbs, and seeds, the quality and potency will be higher, more pure and with all of its nutritional properties. I have many clients that after trying fenugreek, mother's milk and other formulas have come across my site and my product, saying that *sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers, is the only thing that have work for them. Don't get me wrong, I think that for example mother's milk tea is a wonderful product, have a great taste and help you relax while nursing. Is the first thing I tried myself when trying to increase my own breast milk production many years ago. However, as wonderful as this product it is, it didn't work very well on me as it didn't for many other women.

When women ask me about others products alike that you can find online, or in stores. I won't comment or say anything because I haven’t try them myself. I can tell you as I commented earlier that women share with me, that after trying other products without much success, the only thing they found to be satisfactory was Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers. I’m very open and sincere in my personal opinions, if you ask me what I think about something I’ll tell you. I can comment on fenugreek capsules or mother’s milk tea because I know the product and had tried myself, so I talk for personal experience and I share what I think. However, I won’t talk good or bad about a product I’m not familiar with. Not even those who try to copy or have a similar product. I’m not here to compete; I’m here to help women.

What about the Weleda tea? And why is Sacred Tea more expensive than other products out there?

I'm very aware of that product/company and I love weleda company, nothing bad to say about them. We are not in the business of criticizing or making negative comments about competitors, we are here to help women, that's my main focus and motivation. But I'm asked many times this question which is the reason why I created this article, to answer your questions. As you can see Weleda nursing tea comes in a box containing 20 tea bags and a total weight of 1.4 oz. Sacred tea besides been a very concentrated formula as you well said, it comes in a bag containing 6.5 oz almost 5 times more than the other tea. Our tea not only contain more quantity per pack, but as you may know 100% certified organic herbs can be quite expensive, so when you put together the quality plus quantity offered in every bag of sacred tea, that is why the price can be different and higher.:) Besides all other teas out there, weleda nursing tea, mother's milk from yogi company and others, all comes in very small tea bags containing minimal quantities of herbs, it will take a mother to drink 3 bags of those teas and will equal a small teaspoon of our tea. Most important those teas claim to be made with certified organic herbs, but these herbs are inserted in paper tea bags containing toxic chemicals and glues that when boiled are mixed with the herbs. I personally don't believe this have to be very healthy, why using certified organic herbs but then place them in bags containing toxic chemicals? 

My company focused in finding problems and offering alternative solutions, that is why we create the products we do. I'm not sure you are aware of our Natural Tea Bags, but we are the only supplier in the USA with this kind of tea bags, made of food grade nylon and free of all chemicals, glues and toxic ingredients. You can see our website here

We have many companies that after using the tea-sac and tired of looking for alternatives, once they find us they stick with us even if our natural tea bags can be a lot more expensive than the other paper tea bags out there. We supply to spas, hotels, tea shops, herbal companies and alike. People who is in the wellness industry and have natural products most of the time containing organic herbs, don't want to use other materials that can conflict or negatively affect the effectiveness of the product.

So as I mentioned to you, I'm not here to negatively make comments about other competitors products but there are many differences in the products sold. Most important as well, we have never rely on expending crazy amounts of money on publicity or other methods of promoting our tea as other companies do. We think that the best way to prove why your product is wonderful is by letting the customers speak for themselves, that is why our website have so many fantastic testimonials from consumers, and most other websites have very few if any testimonials on their sites.

It is word of mouth in between moms that have used the tea that has made sacred tea so successful, without the need of advertising, and with that we have become the #1 seller in the USA and other countries. We have many customers that have come to us after trying other products out there like the one you mention and frustrated comes to us with hopes that sacred tea will be different. Nothing gives us more satisfaction that receiving letters and success stories from these moms telling us that after using many products on the market the only one that have work for them is sacred tea.

So we rather let customers try and decide for themselves, that make negative comments about other products/companies in hopes to sell more our product. We don't want to be like most companies out there and are very proud of been a small company with integrity and true intentions behind our actions and products.:)

*Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers, is concentrated herbal tea that can successfully help mothers to increase their milk  supply. In addition can protect both, mom and baby’s digestive systems from common stomach upset, indigestion, constipation and gas.


What about your tea versus prescription drugs?

I don’t know if you the reader have noticed this, but both of the women in these emails, were put on prescription drugs. I personally don't like these or any other drug to be prescribed to a breastfeeding woman, knowing that there are some other more natural and healthier alternatives. Unfortunately, conventional medicine is much against natural remedies and preventive health care. The problem with reglan , donperidome and others alike,"as many women claim to have" is that the same way that may help you to increase breast milk supply initially while taking it, it will as well decrease, even stop your milk supply once you stop taking it. It is like Prozac and other depression drugs they (work?) While taking them.  However, studies have revealed of people commiting suicide once they stop taking the drug. Sad but true, conventional medicine and it’s approach to “healing”  is quite invasive and with a large list hidden side effects.

I wont tell you the reader that you should buy my product because it is the best or guarantee you anything. What I can proudly say is that after helping hundreds of women, I never had a complain, negative feedback, or a customer requesting a refund, which I think it does speak for itself. I'm just happy and thrilled to know that my product is helping so many women around the world. You can also see the testimonials page and see what other women have to say about *Sacred tea for Nursing Mothers*.


Besides have you ever asked yourself why is Donperidone illegal in this Country? 

Many doctors had their license removed for prescribing Donperidone in the USA. Reglan? Well, I’ll ask you to read the article I wrote about reglan, not only I don’t think it should be prescribed to nursing mothers but it actually can be dangerious. Have you seen lately all the commercials about the FDA warnings about reglan? 

The Ingredients are very simple, are they any “hidden” ingredients not listen on the label?

The ingredients in my herbal formula are simple, because good things do not have to be complicated or have a list of ingredients we cannot even pronounce.

The Ingredients used in the creation of this herbal formula are exactly what you can clearly read on the label and listed on the ingredients page on this website.

Drinking 100%  Certified organic herbal teas to increase and support your breast milk,  will avoid passing into your baby unnecessary artificial herbicides, pesticides and other unhealthy toxic additives.

 I believe in the importance of nurturing you and your baby in the healthiest way possible. That is the reason why all the herbs used in Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers have been carefully selected and are100% Certified Organic, free of any toxic additives or chemical compounds.

Can I take this product while pregnant? 

NO, sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers, should ONLY be consumed once the baby is born. it should never be taken when you are still pregnant. As soon as your beautiful baby is born, you can enjoy Sacred Tea and all it's wonderful benefits, for you both. It's safe for Mom and Baby, and recommended by pediatricians and other health care professionals. 

What is the *secret* that makes this herbal formula to be so successful, and women all over the world having such satisfactory results?

If you ask me why people feel so attracted to eating fast foods, my response will be because all of the MSG(Monosodium Glutamate) added to it. Making people to become addictive to its flavour, taste, and smell. When it comes to our health, MSG is a silent killer and unfortunately and ingredient added to hundreds of foods products, so hidden that you won’t even find it listed on the label.

Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers is made with healthy, natural, and organic ingredients perfectly combined in a very specific way. Most importantly is made with lots of love, the main ingredient; and as many of my clients call it; Sacred tea for Nursing Mothers, is a “home made recipe” coming from our hands to yours. A real caring person stands behind this product, we are a company created by a woman, working with women. Every tea bag is manually filled by a caring woman. You won't find big commercial machines filling our tea bags, then cleaned with toxic chemicals. No, we believe in the old ways of hiring other women and do all our work manually and with a lot of love and care. Furthermore, you can always contact us, send us an email, ask any questions, even request a personal consultation or to speak with Ana, the company owner and creator of Sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers.

I stand behind my product 100% and want you to know that I truly care about your problem, worries and I am here to help you in any way I can.



In Light, Love and health
Ana Satya, CLC, CLA, CHBE,