Breastfeeding In Public What is The Problem

Why is it that nursing mothers are given such a hard time when they are breastfeeding their babies outside their homes? Are they doing something illegal? Criminal? Indecent? Violent? Isn't what they are doing the most normal (and beautiful) thing in the world? Feeding their babies. Giving them the BEST nutrition and start in life. 


Breastmilk is nature's intended food for babies. Not just for nutritional reasons but because it is the best immunity to protect them against sickness and to build a strong immune system. 


It is best for babies, it is best for mom and it's best for society! 


So why then does a mother have to face such opposition from society? In all honesty the answer is because no matter how advanced we may be in technology and in many other ways, mentally we are still stuck in a patriarchal belief system that have sexualized a woman's breast.  


Breast are seen as a "sexual object" a tool to pleasure the senses of a man. You can wear sexy clothes and expose yourself that way, you may turn heads, and be called sexy. That is normal and accepted by society by the most part. But God forbid you show your breast not in a "sexy" way but to nurse a child? Oh hell no! Then you better cover yourself, nurse in a bathroom or your home, but how dare you show your breast woman! 


It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance, chauvinism and amount of bull shit we women have to put up with, in every stage of our lives. 


It is ONLY when we stand up for what's right, that we can make a difference. I personally breastfeed my son for 3 years. I did it anywhere, anytime, and didn't give a damn what anyone said or thought. Today over 19 years later, it is one of the things I'm the most proud of. 


To all my beautiful breastfeeding moms out there, please continue doing what is best for your baby, even when you feel like you standing alone with no support. One day you will look back and feel incredibly proud of yourself for that.

breasteeding in public