For the past 20+ years our product Sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers have helped hundreds of thousands of women around the world, to successfully increase their breastmilk supply with excellent results. For many years, we  became the #1 Natural selling Breastfeeding product in the USA & many countries in ASIA. Unfortunately our business was badly affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and sadly our business is closed in December 2020. We are incredibly grateful to all our customers and our wonderful distributors around the world, who helped Sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers to become an incredible successful product, having helped so many mothers around the world.  We want to sincerely thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts for the support you given us all these years and wholeheartedly want to wish you all the best. Infinite Blessings

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Are you a breastfeeding mother in need to increase your milk supply? Did you know that you can increase your breast milk production FAST, Naturally, and without using drugs? Just the way Mother Nature Intended.

Without using toxic chemicals, artificial ingredients, or prescription drugs that in most cases have negative side effects, for both Mom and Baby.

Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers is an 100% Certified organic herbal formula, exclusively formulated with specific ingredients that may not only successfully help increase breast milk supply, but also can protect both mom and baby’s digestive systems from common stomach upset, indigestion, constipation and gas.

Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers was exclusively created to help you. The Unique combination of our ingredients makes this herbal formula a powerful cocktail of Vital Nutrients that can help your body to increase your milk supply*.

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Sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers

I really do love how well the tea works, It's the only thing I've found to increase my milk supply. I love the tea and truly recommend it to all my nursing mama friends!

Thought you might like this. My sweets enjoying their breakfast! Almost 1 and still exclusively breastfed.

- Robyn C, Ft. Worth, Texas