1. Your Questions About Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers Answered
Two of the most frequent questions we are asked often are the following. For how long should you drink the tea and what is the difference between “Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers” and other products on the market. We considered placing the responses on the FAQ page; instead, we decided to create an article so you will find information that is more detailed.


2. Who created this product?
This herbal formula was created by Ana Satya, founder of WiseWomen~SacredWomen. Ana Satya is a Certified Labor Assistant "Doula", Certified Hypno-Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Consultant, Wellness Consultant, and an Author, on a Mission to help Women, Mothers and their Children. In her many years as a Breastfeeding Consultant, Ana Satya has helped many women who had problems with their Breast Milk Production, with excellent results. If you need advice, and help, please don't hesitate in contacting us. Know that we care about your problem, worries and we are here to help you.


3. Why Sacred Tea For Nursing Mothers Was Created? 
If you have read Ana's birth story, you know that she was unable to breastfeed her son for the first two weeks of his life. However, not willing to give up on breastfeeding, less consider the choice to feed her baby with commercial formulas. She was committed to heal and make her body produce breast milk supply for her baby. Focusing on eating a healthy whole foods diet, the help of a Lactation Consultant, an a especial herbal formula that she made and drank day and night, she was able to heal and successfully breastfeed her son. Not only she was able to increase her breast milk supply; she breastfeed her son for over two years, and exclusively for the first 7 months of his life. After that, she began using her formula to help her clients, with incredible results. Today, Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers is the #1 best selling natural product on the market. Women from all over the world use "Sacred tea for Nursing Mothers", with excellent results. We receive hundreds of letters with testimonials and success stories, and we are blessed and honored to be here to help you.


4. What are the benefits of drinking this herbal formula? 
Drinking "Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers" have many benefits for both Mom and baby. Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers is an 100% Certified Organic herbal formula, created with specific ingredients proven to not only successfully increase the milk supply within days, but also to protect both mom and baby’s digestive systems from common stomach upset, indigestion, constipation and gas. Is a great tasting formula, super concentrated. It is safe for mom and baby and a wonderful alternative to conventional drugs.


5. How can "Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers" help you? 
* If You have low milk supply, and need to increase your breast milk production fast.
* For mothers of twins that need "extra" milk supply, to meet the needs of her babies.
* And for those mothers who have to work and nurse the baby part time. In this last case, the formula will help you to produce more milk, making sure that at least you won't decrease completely your milk supply.


6. What are the ingredients used to make Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers? 
Ingredients: Fenugreek Seeds, * Fenugreek Powder, * Fennel Seeds, * Fennel Powder * Anise Seeds, * Blessed Thistle, * Alfalfa Leaf. * 100% Certified Organic.
1 Serving = 1 Generous Tsp per Tea Cup. * Aprox 30 Servings per Pack. * Net Weight = 6.5 oz 
To learn more about the helping properties of these herbs, visit the ingredients page.


7. Why using organic ingredients? 
Drinking 100% Certified organic herbal teas will avoid passing into your baby unnecessary artificial herbicides, pesticides and other unhealthy toxic additives.
We believe in the importance of nurturing you and your baby in the most healthy way possible. That's the reason why all the herbs used in Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers have been carefully selected and are 100% Certified Organic.


8. How do I prepare and how much should I drink? 
Included in your packet, will be a full instructions page on how to prepare and drink your herbal Tea.

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