Texas Mom Sets World Record for ‘Most Breastmilk Donated’ (86 Gallons!!!)

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breastfeeding world record

While I was breastfeeding, I was blessed with an abundance of milk. No joke – I could have fed a nation. Instead, I just had a healthy, chubby, Cabbage Patch baby. I’d heard of the breastmilk donation banks, non-profit organizations providing donor breastmilk to hospitals, and even had friends pushing me to do it – spouting off details and facts, the pros of donating, the good it could do for others – but the thought seemed too odd … I couldn’t imagine boxing up my frozen boob juice and shipping it off.  

If I had paid attention to detail, perhaps they could have swayed me. Did you know that three ounces of breastmilk would be about nine feedings for a preemie? Well, one mother did; and she decided to make a difference.

Alicia Richman “pumped, stored and donated more than 11,000 ounces of breastmilk between June 2011 and March 2012.” Meaning, over the course of about 10 months, she donated more than 86 gallons of breastmilk!

Richman said, “I pumped at work, on vacations, in the car. And I never had to buy formula.” After realizing she had two freezers full of frozen breastmilk, she began sending it to The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas.

In the end, not only did this 28-year-old mother donate enough breastmilk to provide about 33,000 feedings for premature babies in critical care, she received some well-deserved recognition by setting a New Guinness World Record for “Most Breastmilk Donated”!

According to the article, “Now Richman’s son is 19-months-old and she is encouraging other mothers to try and beat her record. But be warned, she says she plans on beating her own record when she has her second child!”

What do you think? Could you beat her record? Would you ever donate your breastmilk?

Image: “North Texas mother and breastmilk donation World Record holder Alicia Richman, with her infant son. (credit: Momentum Public Relations)” via cbsdallas