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" A Big Thank you for introducing this wonderful product to help the mummies "

I was always concern that i do not have enough milk to feed my baby and have to depend on formula milk. However, i came across the Sacred Tea while browsing on the net and had decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first but i keep on telling myself that this tea can help me with my problem. Had been drinking Sacred Tea for 3 weeks and surprisingly, my milk supply had increase from 1.5 fl oz to 9 fl oz on each milk extraction. A Big Thank you for introducing this wonderful product to help the mummies.

Attached is the picture taken from my fridge. Regards,

Posted By: Winnie Teoh

" I really must thank the person who bring the tea in "

I just gave birth to my 2nd prince on 18th Aug 2011 and start latching him since 19th Aug 2011. As his jaundice level is high, I wasn’t advised to give him BM due to the amount of ginger in confinement food. I really want to breastfeed this time as I failed doing so previously. I have to pump out the BM by electric means and the supply is really little, just 40-60ml from both side after an hour. I was disappointed as I invested in a better pump recommended by others which according to them, better stimulation. Results are still bad.

On day 6 on my confinement, I saw this Sacred Tea online and decided to give it a try. As this is my 2nd time breasfeeding a NB, I deemed myself as "low supply" even after trying frenugreek and motilium tablets previously. I ate a lot of fish, fish soup, green papaya soup but my supply will never hit 80ml from both sides no matter how long I leave the pumps on. I was still skeptical when I received the registered mail the next 2 days. Its already day 8 and my supply is still low and seriously dun think anything will make any wonders. I am just spending money to show that "I have tried hard enough". So I ask the maid to follow the instructions and brew the tea. Taste like chinese tea and still drinkable, I managed to drink 1.5litres of it on day 1.

night after pumping while watching TV, I was shock to see my supply went up to 50mls per side and gives me a total 100ml! It’s not a remarkable increase to many people but I have never hit 100ml in a single pump. This gave me confidence and I carried on with the tea for next few days. Right now, I already finished almost half a pack of the tea and proud to say I can pump out to approx 700mls of BM per day. I am only been drinking it religiously for 4 days! 700mls is even enough to provide for my 2 1/2 yrs old toddler!
The most satisfying matter to a mum is the ability to give her best to her child. Such a low supply person like me never dream that I can even have enough for my toddler. I really must thank the person who bring the tea in.>
Attached is a picture of my BM which I pump out from last 24hrs. I just gave 500ml to my mum for my toddler.

Many thanks!

Posted By: Samantha

" My Excess Milk after drinking Sacred Tea "

The nursing tea is really very effective. It has enhanced great milk flow and the milk is thicker too. Now I have stocked up lot of breastmilk as compared to my first pregnancy. I have also recommend this nursing tea to one of my friend when she told me her milk flow had dropped. After drinking it a few days, she told me her milk flow has increased.

Posted By: Cindy

" Your sacred tea is amazing. This is my milk after 4 days of pumping "

can still breastfeed my baby and i think my milk is became creamier. The first week after im using sacred tea, this is my expressed milk that i store. And after consuming it regularly, my milk became so plenty. Thank God, ive found the sacred tea. because I have to leave my son often for business trip. I wont worry my milk isn’t enough cause i always have lots of milk.
This is my milk of 4 days pumping.

Posted By: Lina

" Within 24 hours of drinking the tea I could feel that the production of the milk glands was more intense "

Dearest Ana, when I first came upon your website I was a desperate mother. I have had gone through a couple of other "remedies" to help my milk production, but of course they did not work. I had even been tried one Danish beer a day, which worked but the thought of the alcohol content bothered me. Then I went online and I googled "increase breast milk supply" and by God's merciful grace your page caught my eye. As soon as the website opened up I began to relax to the beautiful music. As I began to read about you, your credentials and how you and your husband came to create "the secret tea", I knew this was the way to go. The fact that is 100% organic gives me peace of mind that my child is only going to get good, healthy milk. I ordered it that night and received it within 3 days. Within 24 hours of drinking the tea I could feel that the production of the milk glands was more intense. 

I prayed to God and asked him to help me out and he sent me you.

Thank you for your time to hear me. What you do is such a beautiful ministry. It enforces what was mean for us and our children by God. Your sincerity and compliments are humbling.
I sent you several pictures to show you the progression of our blessings! Peace & Love

Posted By: Ima Padgett
Fayetterville, GA

"Meeting Ana in the office was enlightening and inspirational"

Ana's passion on health and nutrition has been her drive for years, she has dedicated her life, to educate the community based on solid knowledge. I have a lot of admiration for Ana and her work."


Dr. valeria Salinas-Sanchez, MD, FAAP
Miami, FL




My name is Claudia Bermeo, I am the mother of a 7 1/2 month old baby. I had Ana come to my house to teach me how to brestfeed my baby when he was only 6 days old. I must say that having nobody who could really advise me on breastfeeding was hard, but after I met with Ana, everything changed. Not only I gained the confidence I needed, but also Ana helped me understand every single aspect of breastfeeding. I thank her for all the advice and encouragement. Today, I am pleased to say that my breastfed baby is healthy and happy and so am I. I plan to breast feed for as long as I can.

Thanks, Ana.


Claudia Bermeo
Miami, FL



" That is when my friend Valeria Salinas (who is also a wonderful pediatrician) told me to contact her lactation consultant. I called Ana right away "

I am a health freak first time mom. Being a mom was something I was dreaming about since I was a little girl. It took me a while to have my baby since I had a couple of miscarriages but God I am blessed with my little girl now. She is the most beautiful girl in the world (well, I think every mom would say this right ? J).But 2 months after giving birth I was still struggling with breast feeding. I promised I would breast feed my baby for as long as I could due to all the health benefits it provides both for her and for me. But I was in so much pain that every time I had to feed her I would get sad because I really wanted to do it, but it hurt so much. My nipples were so sore to the point of almost bleeding. I wasn't going to quit, no way, but I was really suffering.

That is when my friend Valeria Salinas (who is also a wonderful pediatrician) told me to contact her lactation consultant. I called Ana right away. She sounded wonderful on the phone and to my surprise she said she could come right away to my house. She was not going to keep me waiting since I needed urgent help. Funny as it is I was expecting a fat old lady with glasses, I don’t know why but that was my image of a lactation consultant. I was in for a surprise. When I opened the door I saw Ana, a wonderful Spanish woman about my age (we both look younger by the way ;-) ) with such a good energy and very beautifully dressed. She definitely didn’t look like a lactation consultant to me, but I was very happy when I saw her. We immediately clicked. She started talking about the importance of breast feeding and about latching the baby properly which I wasn’t. Demi (my little girl) was sleeping and it took as a while to wake her up so that Ana could help me to latch her properly. Demi is very strong willed baby and it was a little bit of a power struggle between her and me. She definitely liked the way she was latching on and didn’t want to give in, but Ana showed me how and it worked. After a few weeks my nipples where completely healed !!!
I kept in touch with Ana after this, since she was the only health freak I knew after myself Jand it was fun to talk to her about every health subject we could think about. I dare say that we have become friends and she is a wonderful friend to have.

Some time later, I thought that I was having issues with my milk production and I contacted Ana again. She told me that mothers produce exactly what their baby needs. That I should have no fear and that I need not to stress (which was clearly an issue for me). She mentioned that if I wanted I could start drinking her magic tea which stimulates a healthy milk supply. I immediately purchased a couple of bags of her wonderful tea and started drinking right away a couple of cups a day. My milk production is perfect for my baby.

freezer is full of extra milk that I have pumped for when I travel so that my husband can feed Demi and I enjoy breast feeding every day more and more. Demi is now almost 10 months and she is a very healthy and happy baby. I follow Ana’s advice and she helps me whenever I need her. I practice attachment parenting which Ana also supports.

Paula Flores
Miami Beach, FL

" Once again express to you my most SINCERE GRATITUDE because if weren't for you, I wouldn't had enjoyed all this wonderful time that I have breastfeeding Sofia "

Dear Ana I am writing these short lines to you, to say hello, hoping you are well.I will never forget how good your advice was and how much you helped me to have more confidence in myself. I have all of your information and I will recommend you to all my friends that are moms or expecting. I wanted to say hello and once again express to you my most SINCERE GRATITUDE because if weren't for you, I wouldn't had enjoyed all this wonderful time that I have breastfeeding Sofia.

In the beginning was very difficult for me, but you were really an "inspiration" and the one that helped me to have the sufficient confidence and strenght to breastfeed and now I cannot be more happy for having followed all of your advice, Sofia is now a beautiful, healthy and very sweet girl and the light of my days. Sofia have 15 months now and I continue breastfeeding her. Here I'm sending you some pictures of us and hope one day, I have the pleasure of meeting you personally. I love your website www.breastfeedingwomen.com and all advice you give is excellent. THANK YOU. I send you many blessings, and wish you always the best Ana. A big kiss.

Jenifer L
Miami, FL

" Ana I just want to share with you on how your tea has helped me boost my supply "

Ana I just want to share with you on how your tea has helped me boost my supply... see the amount of milk I have in my refrigerator... this is after feeding my babies. You can share this picture with other mummies.:) Hugs & Kisses for Ana from the little babies in Singapore.. Your tea has really helped us alot.:)

Posted By: Pauline Tan



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Warning: Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers, is a dietary supplement designed to support normal breast function and is not  formulated for pregnant women. If you are  expecting a  baby,  wait  until the  baby  is born to  purchase and try this product. If you suffer from Lupus or Diabetes, please consult with your doctor, before taking this product. Fenugreek is an herb that may lower blood sugar levels and so if a person is diabetic, this can be something  that they must take into consideration. Alfalfa has been known to aggravate lupus.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   * The ingredients used in this herbal formula, may help nursing mothers to support their breast milk supply. However,  to support breast milk supply, it is very important to understand that you MUST  nurse  your baby on demand, making sure,  you are positioning the baby on the breast correctly. You must follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of fresh water,  get plenty of rest, manage your stress levels and be patient. Breastfeeding is a learning experience for mom and baby. To guarantee a successful breastfeeding experience, it is recommended for you to exclusively breastfeed your baby on demand for the first few weeks, righ after birth. Joinning a La Leche League group near you is highly recommended.


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